We are committed to Serve.

Since its organization in 2005, the Fundacíon Rescate Juridico (FRJ) actively engaged in raising funds for

  • legal defense funding for Cuban activists, dissidents, and political prisoners
  • ∙ aid to victims of human rights abuses
  • ∙ educational and administrative funding to organizations promoting democratic ideals
  • ∙  funding to develop informational and broadcast media
  • ∙ distribution of manifestoes providing citizen training on how to effectively oppose the Castro dictatorship and bring about change

FRJ Notable Projects:

  • Supported the mission of Ladies in White (Damas de   Blanco) and campaigned internationally for their Nobel  Peace Prize nomination. The Ladies in White is an   opposition movement in Cuba founded in 2003 by wives and other female relatives of jailed dissidents. The women  protest the imprisonments by attending Mass each Sunday wearing white dresses and then silently walking through the   streets dressed in white clothing.    
  • Raised more than $400,000 to help defend pro-democracy Cubans who were arrested and   detained for 4 years in Panama for attempting to assist a Cuban General to defect.  The FRJ   additionally provided needed aid to the men's families and negotiated with the President of  Panama to grant them a pardon and release them to the U.S.
  • Installed 100 DirectTV receivers in heavy population centers to supply free   world news, sports, and educational content.
  • Helped organize the first large human rights assembly in Havana and brought delegates  from 20 leading groups located throughout Cuba to meet together.

  • The FRJ continually provides desperately needed money,   food, medicine, clothing, and supplies to destitute Cuban   families whose livelihoods, opportunities, homes, health,   and welfare have been devastated by communist rule and   human rights violations.  
  • Evidencing Cuban-American unity with their adopted country, members of the FRJ donated tens of thousands of dollars of   essential supplies to victims of Hurricane Katrina and their   members actively participated in relief efforts with Homeland   Security.