III. Professor Carlos Eire’s comment (Babalu Blog,  July 12, 2017)

Babalu Blog,  July 12, 2017

Did Castronoids stage a coup at the University of Miami?

July 12, 2017 by Carlos Eire

The University of Miami is currently engaged in some sleight of hand that looks suspiciously Castronoid.

Suddenly, a new president,  Julio Frenk, has forced Prof. Jaime Suchlicki to resign from his post as director of the university’s Institute of Cuban and Cuban-American Studies.

Julio Frenk was born in Mexico.  His Jewish grandparents settled there in the 1930’s as refugees seeking shelter from the Nazis.

Prior to his appointment as the University of Miami’s first “Hispanic” president, Frenk served as dean of Harvard’s School of Public Health.  He also served as Mexico’s Minister of Health from 2000 to 2006.

The Miami Herald describes him as “a world authority on public health.”

Doctor Frenk has visited Castrogonia numerous times in the recent past and has praised its health care system.  As Minister of Health in Mexico, hecreated tight bonds between his nation and the Castro regime and signed a treaty of cooperation with Castro Inc.’s Minister of Public Health, Carlos Dotres Martíñez.

His wife, Felicia Marie Knaul, a Canadian economist and an expert on public health, was appointed director of the university’s Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas.  The Institute was soon thereafter moved to a new location, Pick Hall, next door to the  Institute of Cuban and Cuban-American Studies.

A program in “Social Justice in the Americas” is one of the prime initiatives of this Institute.

The Institute of Cuban and Cuban-American Studies has continually unmasked the many lies fed to the world’s news media by Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Truth, especially those lies masked as great accomplishments in “social justice.”

Castronoids everywhere — including those in South Florida — hate the Center and director Dr. James Suchlicki with a passion.​

Recently, a Castronoid web site complained about  “the web of deceptioncreated by one university professor and his staff of liars, of what some call an important educational and research center. The center is the Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies (ICCAS) at the University of Miami.”

This web site also said that director is Jaime Suchlicki  “deserves to be fired by the University and investigated by The Miami Herald.”  Then it added:  “Neither of these two things will happen, of course. We’re in Miami.”

Yeah, well…their prediction was wrong.  The Castronoids have managed to win this one, for sure, at least for now.

Let’s see what happens next.


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Raul Castro celebrates muzzling of Institute for Cuban and Cuban American Studies at UM

Update on Havana’s involvement in cocaine traffic
Heads up on University of Miami and the Institute for Cuban and Cuban American Studies

According to Agence France Press story distributed yesterday a grandson of the late Albanian communist dictator Enver Hoxha was just sentenced to prison charged with cocaine trafficking. According to the AFP the shipment originated in Cuba. The Cuban regime is able to know the most intimate details about Cuban dissidents yet claims that the shipment of drugs from Cuba escapes their surveillance apparatus.

Also in this CubaBrief an update prepared by Frank Calzon on the Institute for Cuban and Cuban American Studies and UM efforts to silence this important research institution on Cuba. 

On the same subject we are sending a copy of the letter from the prestigious National Association of Cuban-American Educators (NACAE) to UM President Julio Frenk; and a press release from the highly respected Mothers Against Repression (MAR) urging the University of Miami to put on hold their decision in order to permit a full appraisal in which Cuban Americans, Members of Congress, donors and others could provide an input. 


The latest on the University of Miami and Institute for Cuban and Cuban American Studies issue by Frank Calzon

Now feeling the heat, the University of Miami has announced that Dr. Andy Gomez will serve as an interim director at the Institute. The powers that be at UM continue to insult the Cuban American community. UM yesterday said that in the search for a new director to replace Dr. Suchlicki the Cuban American community would be given an opportunity to have an input. What UM appears to believe is that the Cuban American community are business men on their board who favor doing business with Cuba's military and who throughout the years have swept under the rug the regime's crimes against the Cuban people and the Castro dynasty's alliances with North Korea and other governments hostile to the United States.

Andy Gomez is not part of the solution, he is part of the problem. Why the rush? Why if as Dr. Julio Frenk, the president of the University of Miami says Jaime Suchlicki has made extraordinary contributions to the university and has shared his knowledge with faculty, students and the community, not reverse course and review the issue dispassionately listening to various points of view instead of turning it into an emergency and handling the situation in secrecy as if the university were a foreign ministry, a political faction or a commercial enterprise? To what extent has Richard D. Fain, chair of the UM Board of Trustees and Chairman & CEO Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, a company heavily involved in violating the law by promoting "tourism" been involved in this ill advised decision.  

Where is the commitment to truth and openness that underpins the mission of a university? For sure Dr. Frenk would understand that if a similar decision was made at an American university institute on Chicano Studies in Los Angeles, the community, the faculty, the faculty senate, the donors, the Members of Congress in the area would have been given plenty of time to participate in the discussions before a decision was made.

We're not in the Middle Ages and we are not in Cuba. The president of the university's role is principally one of administrator and leader, not chief researcher. That this is happening now while serious threats to academic freedom and limits on the expression of certain views occur at other campuses puts the whole issue in a much broader and important context. Perhaps it is not too late for the university to reverse course. The credibility of Dr. Suchlicki and the Institute he has ably led for so many years are not in question.  What is at issue, and will be greatly diminished if the decision is not reversed is the credibility and good name UM has enjoyed for so many years. 


NACAE send letter to Julio Frenk, president of UM
July 11, 2017.

Dr. Julio Frenk

President, University of Miami

Dear Dr. Frenk:

The National Association of Cuban-American Educators (NACAE) has learned with deep concern of the plan to close the Institute of Cuban and Cuban-American Studies (ICCAS) in the near future.

NACAE is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1990 with the objectives of representing the Cuban-American educators and contribute to the preservation of the Cuban cultural heritage in exile.  To this effect, for many years the Association has organized monthly cultural sessions covering many different aspects of our Cuban heritage, including among others, Literature, Poetry, Visual  Arts, Economy, Medicine, History, etc. All these sessions are held at ICCAS’ Casa Bacardí.

This is only one of the many activities held at ICCAS, including those organized by other cultural institutions amen of the numerous contributions of ICCAS’ Chair Dr. Jaime Sushlicky and his staff composed of notable, well-known writers and political analysts who have always maintained a strong position in defense of human rights and democratic values.

NACAE in a recent urgent meeting of its Executive Committee unanimously decided to respectfully write you this letter to express its dismay and deep concern. NACAE strongly believes ICCAS has played a very important role representing the best values of the large Cuban exile community, so important especially in the area of Greater Miami. Being the University of Miami the prime institution of higher education in this community, NACAE considers that ICCAS has accomplished a unique and historical role within the University system.

For this reason we at NACAE would like to strongly ask you to reconsider your decision to close ICCAS. This decision could be interpreted as a lack of support of the Cuban community by the UM, even when we know this is not the case.


For NACAE’s Executive Committee:

Julio Hernández-Miyares, president, Orlando Rossardi, vice president,  Matilde Álvarez, secretary, Eduardo Zayas-Bazán, treasurer, Lourdes Zayas-Bazán, vice treasurer. Ellen Leeder,  José A. Madrigal, and Federico R. Justiniani, ex-officio. Type your paragraph here.